2010 Emmy / 2010 Best Documentary
2010 Emmy / Outstanding Informational Programming-Long Form
Cineteca Bologna, Slow Food on Film / Golden Snail – Best Documentary
2009 Mountainfilm in Telluride Festival / Food for Thought Award
2009 Gotham Awards / Best Documentary
2009 RiverRun International Film Festival / BB and T Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature
2009 Washington Area Film Critics Association / Best Documentary
2009 Tasty Awards / Winner
2009 Southeastern Film Critics Association / Best Documentary
2009 Environmental Media Awards / Best Documentary


2009 Academy Awards – Documentary Feature Short List
2009 DGA Awards – Best Documentary
2009 Independent Spirit Awards – Best Documentary
2010 IDA Awards –Pare Lorentz Award and Distinguished Feature Award
2010 Cinema Eye Honors Outstanding Achievement In Nonfiction Feature Filmmaking
2009 Critic’s Choice Awards – Best Documentary
2009 Chicago Film Critics Association – Best Documentary
2009 Heart of Green Awards – Media Nominee
BEST OF 2009

Entertainment Weekly named FOOD, INC one of the top 10 documentaries of 2009
National Board of Review named FOOD, INC one of the top 5 documentaries of 2009.
Roger Ebert named FOOD, INC. one of the top 5 documentaries of 2009


"Food, Inc. does for the supermarket what 'Jaws' did for the beach."

- Variety

"Food, Inc. is more than a terrific movie – it's an important movie."

-Entertainment Weekly

"Suffice it to say, after the film's disturbing glimpses inside the meat industry, along with its blunt indictment of fast food giants, you'll think twice before eating just about anything nonorganic."

-Los Angeles Times


Community Alliance with Family Farmers
CAFF encourages the support of small-scale family farms that care for their land, uphold social justice and support local economies.

Consumers Union

Consumers Union aims to bring awareness to food safety. Take action by clicking the “Not in my Food” link, which allows you to demand that your representatives in government make positive changes in terms of food safety.

Farm Aid
Farm Aid works to keep family farmers on their land by promoting food from family farms and by providing support for family farmers in need.

Food and Water Watch
Food and Water Watch is designed to ensure clean water and safe food. The organization advocates for government policies that promote safe and sustainable food production. Food and Water watch also challenges corporations that abuse food and water resources.

Grist offers environmental news and commentary and draws out “the real meaning behind green stories.”

National Family Farm Coalition
NFFC fights for family farms and rural groups. The organization advocates for federal policies that ensure the well being of family farms.

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
NSAC supports grassroots sustainable agriculture and researches, develops and advocates for federal policies that support social, economic and environmental sustainability of agriculture and natural resources.

Organic Consumers Association
The OCA, which focuses on promoting and defending the views of organic and socially responsible consumers, deals with issues such as food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, children’s health, corporate accountability, Fair Trade, and environmental sustainability.

Slow Food International/ Slow Food USA
Founded upon the concept of “eco-gastronomy,” Slow Food advocates for good, clean and fair food for all. The organization aims to increase access to foods that are grown locally, seasonally and sustainably. Slow Food promotes the protection of biodiversity, offers educational outreach and advocates for farmers and artisans who grow and serve wholesome food. It has many chapters across the globe. Find your local chapter! This is one of my favorite organizations!

Union of Concerned Scientists
Union of Concerned Scientists collaborates with researchers and citizens to encourage policy makers to enact responsible reforms. The organization promotes sustainable, high quality, safe and affordable food.

Participant Media
Participant not only funded the movie but are helping to fund social action initiatives. Check it out

Take part
Take part is the Participant Media social action web site.

A lot of talk about Food Inc. on the Web. Wanted to share a link that will show you what people are saying on Twitter.

California Center for Public Health Advocacy
California Center for Public Health Advocacy is great organization that is helping to make our food system more transparent. They are fighting for menu labeling, school nutrition, they were leaders in the fight to ban sodas in schools. They have studied the connection between the density of fast food restaurants and obesity. They organized the meeting for the school kids that we filmed in Baldwin Park.

Slow Food USA / Slow Food International
U.S. chapter of the international organization that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment. A great organization to join up with to learn more about fair food!

Center for Food Safety
Is another organization that is helping to promote food transparency. Among their other work, they help farmers who have been threatened or sued by Monsanto, including Moe Parr, the seed cleaner in our film.

Chez Panisse Foundation
Alice Waters' foundation devoted to school curricula and school lunch programs where growing, cooking, and sharing food at the table gives students the knowledge and values to build a humane and sustainable future.

Local Harvest
Website that helps you locate local foods, farmers markets and CSAs near you.

RAFI – Rural Advancement Foundation International – USA
Works to promote policies and communities that support thriving, socially just and environmentally sound family farms.

Polyface Farms
Website of farmer Joel Salatin featured in Food, Inc.

Michael Pollan
Website for the best selling food author, activist and consultant on Food, Inc.

Stonyfield Yogurt

Barb Kowalcyk
Barb is seen in the film attempting to get Keven's law passed.